A simple service for when you're away from home, brought to you by professional Home Checkers with years of trusted experience, but without the expense of a live-in house sitter in Norwich.

What Do We Do?

Have you ever worried about your house not looking lived in when you're away on holiday?  In this day and age, security systems sometimes aren't enough, and having a 'lived in' feel to your house even when you're not there can make a big difference in deterring trouble.

  • Lights, Curtains & Sound

    Curtains, blinds and lights are a big part of your daily routine.  We can alternate lights throughout your time away to create a lived in feel, and we can even open and close blinds and curtains as well.  We can also turn radios on and off and set television timers to create an at home atmosphere.

  • Plants & Gardens

    Precious houseplants you don't want to dry out before you get home?  No problem, we can keep them refreshed until you're back.  We can even water large gardens.

  • Dustbins

    We can put out your rubbish bins as and when they are due to be collected by the dustbin lorry, just like if you were home!

  • Mail & Parcels

    Mail on the doormat?  Bulging letterbox?  We can fix that, by gathering up your mail and putting in a designated spot to await your return.  A tell-tale sign of an empty house is uncollected mail and parcels left outside!

  • Fish

    We can feed your fish too!  Just let us know on meeting if its to be on every visit.  If you have cats that need looking after while you're away, you will need to visit and book through our parent website, Norwich Cat Sitting Services

  • Heating

    Away on a winter break?  Before you get home, we can set the heating at your preferred temperature so your house is warm and toasty for your welcome home.

  • Final Visit Errands

    For an extra charge, on your last designated visit from us we can pop to the shop to grab you some milk, a loaf of bread or other essential items ready for your return home.

  • Milk & Produce Deliveries

    Some people still leave a milk subscription or meal box subscription running when they're away.  We can take these items inside and get them in the fridge so they don't spoil ready for your return.

  • Your Keys

    Your keys are kept in a secure location at our homes, marked with a key tag that does not disclose your address.  We only carry them with us if we are due to visit your house that day.  You can rest assured they are safe with us.

Coverage & Prices

Sometimes you might feel its a burden to rely on neighbours to help, especially if you're away often, and not everyone has trusted friends or family nearby.  Our rates are affordable and simple, and our pop-in service means you don't have to have someone living in your house for it to be watched over.

  • House Sitting in Norwich NR1, NR2, NR3, NR4, NR6 & NR7

    We charge £5 per standard visit to the above postcodes, plus a £5 charge for initial key collection.   Once you have met your Home Checker, if you book again and it is the same person you are welcome to then drop a key to them at no added cost.

    If you live outside these postcodes, please fill in the form, we still may be able to help you!  Optional extras are chargable, please take a look at the chart for more information.

    You can opt for twice daily visits if your daily curtain/blind/light routine is particularly important (these will be spread out in the am and pm), once daily visits, or you can specify if you'd like us to pop in every other day, once a week or twice a week.  You can even choose for us to only visit on your bin collection day - it really is down to you!

    We would normally start our visiting schedule the day after you leave, and finish it the day before you arrive home (unless it is particularly late and you'd prefer us to visit on the final day!), which is why we ask for these dates on our contact form.  We don't give set times for the visits as we work them into our working days.

  • Optional Extras

    As standard, we do the following:

    • Take in mail, milk, produce deliveries & parcels left in 'safe spots'
    • Alternate lights, curtains & blinds
    • Turn radios on and off, and set television timers
    • Check round the house for anything unusual
    • Put dustbins out for collection on specifed days
    • Water indoor plants and feed fish

    For an extra charge we can add on the following, please specify this in your enquiry.

    • Watering large gardens (50p extra per visit needed)
    • Final Visit Errands, e.g picking up milk, bread or a newspaper (£5 extra on top of the receipt for the goods)

    If you have any cats to be looked after while you're away please visit our parent company, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, by clicking here.

Meet The Team

We are all self employed pet sitters with established businesses in Norwich, so we know the importance of being discreet when visiting peoples homes.  We drive plain vehicles with no signage and only the Home Checker that you meet will be going into your house.  We will also check in with you while you're away to let you know all is well at home.










Faith and Kylie already run a very busy reliable cat sitting business in Norwich with over 1000 clients between them, and come highly recommended and trusted.  Click here to view their reviews on their Facebook page, or here to view their cat sitting website.

All our home checkers are insured for Public Liability and DBS checked for your peace of mind.  These documents can be given to you via email at any time, or when we meet for your keys.


We know how important it is to feel safe in the knowledge the person going into your home is trustworthy.  This is why (as mentioned above) we are all fully insured and police checked, and can present these documents when needed.

As we are a new business, we have yet to have specific reviews for our house sitting, but these will appear here when we do!

For now, you can read some of our very happy clients from our main business, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, below.  We have over 400 reviews across Google and Facebook.  Our jobs revolve around keeping peoples properties secure and tidy, so we hope you will agree we are the right people to be checking on your house when you're away!

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